The MOBIL@R system is a modern, functional office furniture system of a light construction, following the newest trends. It enables the creation of standard stationary workstations and mobile ones as well. A multifunctional wall called Multi Panel is a very characteristic element of the system. It enables the vertical construction of the workstation. It is also a classical dividing wall, separating workstations, and thanks to the use of transparent materials ensures a very good light diffusion. Another function of the “Multi Panel” is to be a carrying construction for many supplementary items, as for example: under-monitor shelf, cable box, shelves for documents, organizer rail and other supplementary elements.

Desks in the MOBIL@R system are based on 40 mm diameter tubular metal rack . Legs of the rack are linked with a metal beam, which functions also as a horizontal cable duct.

Racks are available in three options:

  • option 1 – legs of the rack finished with 80 mm diameter castors ( this option is not available for corner desks and extensions )
  • option 2 – basic option: legs of the rack finished with adjustment feet with level regulation in the range of 2 cm
  • option 3 – legs of the rack finished with height adjustment regulators in the range of 12 cm ( 69-81 cm )
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