Pivexin Technology

Pivexin Technology delivers specialized components, technologies and ready to use machinery for various industries. The new headquarters of the company had to combine a modern and functional office building together with a technologicaly advanced warehouse. The infrastructure had to be embaded in a well designed green space. Pivexin company chose a very experienced architectual studio - Mus Architects to design their new headquarters. The design concept perfectly merged a minimalistic and modern office building with a functional warehouse. The surrounding green area was developed from scratch and included a new driveway and a parking lot. The modern office building was designed to take adventage of the natural light and as an effect Pivexin employees can benefit from beautiful green spaces and lots of light to help them focus on thier goals.

P-Square workstations, Three drawer under desk pedestals, Various tables from 'Tundra' collection, Bespoke flower pots to match the overall design of the office.

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