Square Box

Square Box

 A modular shelving system. The construction of the modules is made of powder coated steel sections in shape of a square. Each single square module is a cube size 36 x 36 x 36 [cm]. The shelving system is described by N x M modules, where N is a total number of horizontal modules and M is a total number of vertical modules. Square modules can be equipped with dedicated wooden accessories such as shelves, open and closed cubes, flower pots or other. There are also dedicated supplementary products which can be configured together with Square Box modules such as cabinets, high table with bar stools or separate flower pots. All supplementary products match the design of Square Box shelving system. Metal elements are powder coated in white or black as standard. Individual
RAL colours are availble at a surcharge.

Square modules are made of steel sections 20 x 20 mm. Sections are welded together forming a complete shelving unit. Largest
single units are made of 4 x 5 square modules. It is possible to join single units together. Each shelving unit is equipped with leveling feet with 2 cm regulation range.

Mobile shelving unit
Mobile units are equipped with 4 high quality castors (2 castors with breaks). Mobile units can be equipped with dedicated accessories. There are
symmetrical and asymmetrical units to choose from.

Tables and benches
Square Box tables and benches have a metal frame made of 20 x 20 mm welded, metal section. Table top and bench top are made of 18 mm board.
There are upholstered cushions dedicated for benches listed as separate options.

Coffee tables
Square Box cofee tables have a metal frame made of 20 x 20 mm welded, metal section. Table top is made of 18 mm board. The top is inserted into the
frame to represent a modern look.

Flowerpots on a metal frame
Metal frame made of 20 x 20 mm welded, metal section. Flowerpot casing made of melamine 18 mm thick board with inner edges protected with
silicone. The casing is not ready for planting. Additional casing made of PVC is required for use with soil and plants. The frame of the flowerpots is fitted
with two handles on the sides for comfort.

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