Norwegian company HÅG is the largest producer of office seating in Scandinavia. The company headquarters is situated in Oslo and the production in Røros. Over 70% of their production is dedicated to export markets. HÅG seating is available in 40 countries all over the world.

A HÅG chair balances the body in an intuitive way, ensuring that you are seated correctly. According to their philosophy, the next sitting position is always the best. All of the chairs are designed to allow you to move your entire body, without having to think about it. This lets you perform better while safeguarding your well-being.

HÅG’s strategy is based on four leading rules: ergonomics, sustainability, design and quality. Since September 2007 we are an official partner of HÅG and main distributor for the Polish market.
More information is available on the web site: WWW.HAG-GLOBAL.COM

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