Intelligent Light

Via the Internet of Things (IoT), smart objects interact with each other and their surroundings. Luminaires can sense changes, collect information and react to it, and share data with other system elements. This is connected lighting, and it harnesses the huge potential of the IoT. Xitanium SR drivers and EasyAir sensor add functionality – and therefore value – to your con-nected luminaires. Communication between driver and sensor is via a standard interface based on DALI 2.0 EasyAir sensors use wireless communication, reducing cabling and installation cost and are therefore ideal for renovation projects as well as new installations.

In indoor connected lighting systems, sensors distributed throughout a building gather infor-mation about usage of specific spaces. Every luminaire becomes a node that senses, collects and passes on information about energy consumption, daylight harvesting and occupancy. This information is used to manage heating, ventilation, IT and cleaning resources in the most cost effective way. Facility managers can streamline operations, achieve sustainability goals, and optimize workspace utilization. Historic records simplify making decisions about long-term resource management. Connected lighting makes effective use of space in activity based workspaces too.

Sensors ensure lighting is only on when and where it is needed. The EasyAir sensors bring huge benefits in terms of energy management as they enable sunlight harvesting, automatic dimming, and sensing the presence of people. The lighting is only on when actually required so cost savings are consid-erable. EasyAir sensors are ideal for all office areas including work spaces, conference rooms, corridors, break-out rooms, administrative areas, stairwells and similar applications in schools and hospitals.

Configuration can be done before installation using SimpleSet and on site via Philips Field Apps. This gives us and your clients more freedom during the whole installation process. Communication is via a Zigbee protocol, and EasyAir is prepared to accom-modate thread as it emerges. Advanced Zigbee technology makes it possible to have multiple sensors working as a single group. You can also create different scenes for specific applications, such as a presentation mode in a meeting room.

EasyAir group sensorThe EasyAir advanced grouping SNS200 is a breakthrough in sensor applications thanks to its unique capability for grouping sensors with Zigbee. It enables sensors to work together and communicate without wires between luminaires. Having just one sensor for daylight and occu-pancy sensing makes control per luminaire more practical as well as further reducing clutter in the ceiling. Configuration and commissioning is done with the Philips Field Apps. The sensor portfolio will be further extended to include other applications to offer even more ‘personal control’ solutions using a smartphone. The possibilities are endless.

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