FURNIKO's commitment to acting responsibly is strengthened by our values of respect, honesty and fairness.

We take CSR very seriously. The way we do things at FURNIKO extends to a sound corporate conscience. We strive to be approachable. We want our clients to recognise FURNIKO as a reliable partner. It is about being client-driven, engaging with our clients to find out what they want and helping to solve their problems. It requires swiftness and agility, to adapt to the changing conditions in the workplace. It relies on the kind of creativity and innovation that grows in a workplace culture where employees feel valued, vested and inspired. We share a genuine sense of pride in taking individual responsibility for our collective success.

We believe at FURNIKO that providing the best solutions for our customers begins by ensuring they are the best solutions for our environment.

FURNIKO's Social Responsibility


We consider the impact of our work on people and on the environment

Our sustainability vision is clear: bring lasting value to our customers, employees, shareholders, partners, communities and the environment.

Social responsibility

We are a part of the local society.

We build long lasting partnerships everywhere where FURNIKO is present.


We care about bringing long lasting value to our shareholders.

We believe that the base of our success should be: a well-functioning and supportive team.

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