Our activity is based on sustainability and all environmental issues are our priority.

We search for most effective ways of reducing our environmental footprint in every aspect of activity. 

We always obey the law regulations and norms regarding environment protection.

Our responsible pro-ecological policy is based on three principles:


Effective energy management reduces emission of CO2 and therefore reduces the carbon footprint.

We fulfil our policy of optimal energy use with:

  • Pro-ecological logistics management
  • Modern and energy-efficient machinery
  • Effective heating system
  • Energy-efficient lighting installations


High quality products have a better durability and they enable a longer lifespan, which has a major impact on environment protection due to sustainable development principals.

High quality of our products ensure a financial benefit for our clients and also help create the pro-ecological effect.

Minimal environmental

Minimal environmental footprint is an ideology that is present in every activity of FURNIKO.

The first step is evaluation of the materials for production and their suppliers before selection. Environmental awareness is a key factor for selection of our suppliers. We carefully analyse both their environmental policies and the recycling capabilities of their products.

The main material for our production is chipboard made of wood chips. Our supplier, an Austrian company Egger, is without a doubt a leader in wood industry due to excellence of environmental protection procedures and the quality of their products. Choosing EGGER as our main supplier of chipboard we can be sure that all the products were manufactured from wood that comes from forests, where sustainability is a priority.  

The following certificates validate EGGER’s commitment to environmental protection: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PFC (Promoting Sustainable Forest Management). 

We can be sure that the chipboard we use does not contain any harmful substances.

EGGER monitors emission of the formaldehyde, ensuring the E1 class for their products and also monitors the emission of VOC (Volatile organic compounds). EGGER was the first producer of wood based materials in Europe to introduce the Environmental Product Declaration audited by several institutions.

We use ABS edging for our furniture, which is safe to utilise and more environment friendly than the alternative PCV edging.

Segregation and removal of production waste is our priority. On basis of our environmental policy we carefully chose our partners in waste removal process. The main criteria is recycling of our main waste material – wood based board. We ensured that all of the wood based products are fully recycled into hardboard in a factory just 20km away.

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