Hush Pads

Improve the sound environment of the workplace with style. The HUSH PAD collection not only makes for a playful, attractive look, it also stops sound waves effectively, thereby improving the room’s acoustics. HUSH PAD panels can be mounted on the wall, hinged from the ceiling or used as freestanding privacy screens.


  • The Hush Pad collection delivers efficient sound-absorbing properties with 85% sound wave diffusion. We back our acoustic products with accredited laboratory testing conducted in reverberation chamber according to ISO 354:2005 and ISO 11654:1997 standards. This is a guarantee for you as a costumer that all technical data are correct and they fulfill international and European standards.
  • We guarantee fire safety. Our acoustics operate to the flammability performance classification of „B-s2,d0” and adhere to all building material regulations under European Standards. This classification confirms that Hush Pads pose a low flammability hazard and are therefore safe to use mounted on walls and hinged from ceiling in all environments.
    Specialist technology offers a host of possibilities for creating almost any shape.
  • Panels are upholstered with 100% virgin wool from award-winning UK textile manufacturer Camira. Choose from a large selection of colours in Blazer and Synergy ranges.
  • The superb lightness and durability of Hush Pads makes installation easy.
  • Hush Pads are ecofriendly. The core is constructed of 100% recycled PET polyester fibers.


We produce all our products without harmful substances containing formaldehydes


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