The Tundra collection is designed to be in tune with the interaction demands of the modern work environment. Inspired by beauty and functionality found in nature, Tundra emerges as a comprehensive series of wooden tables, workstations, touchdowns, and high bench solutions. Built upon current concepts of community, collaboration and well-being, Tundra transforms user experience across the entire office landscape.

However natural, Tundra contains a lot of technology. Intelligent construction allows for easy assembly and reconfiguration without the need of tools. All necessary power and network connections are readily to hand and beautifully concealed. Add an upholstered screen to transform Tundra into a relaxed workbench.

The table legs are handcrafted from solid oak with options of natural wax, light stain, black or white.

Elegantly designed metal to hard wood connectors provides unique stability and robustness.


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